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This is a project directory generator (prodigenr) that will create a project directory structure with template files necessary for managing and analyzing data for a variety of projects. This allows for a standardized approach to having a modular research project, while also taking advantage of existing well-developed and maintained infrastructures and processes (Rstudio and devtools).

How to install

Install via CRAN or using devtools for the development version:


# Development version


The main function is the prodigen command. So, for instance, if you want a manuscript project, type out:

prodigen(type = 'manuscript', name = 'cancerToxins',
    path = '/path/to/new/project')

This then creates a directory tree, with template files for starting your analysis! The main secondary function is the template_list command, which lists the available template projects and files (submit a PR if you want another template included!):


For a more detailed tutorial, see the vignette:

vignette('introduction', 'prodigenr')

Or to directly preview it here.

Related packages or projects

There are several ways of creating projects, each of which has it's pros and cons.

prodigenr tries to use ideas from R packages/devtools while still being as simple as possible and be more specific to academic researchers primarily in biomedical/non-computer science fields. However, it can always improve! I welcome any suggestions, just submit a GitHub issue!

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