Man pages for m-dz/mdmisc

check_features_match_glmCheck whether data features match the ones used in the model
check_R_versionChecks R version agains desired
clean_memoryClean memory by running 'gc()' n times.
clear_consoleClear console
clear_warningsClear warnings' list
copy_from_clipboardCopies data from clipboard (e.g. Excel)
count_NAsPrints count(s) of missing values
count_valuesPrints count(s) of specified values
cramersV_matCalculater Cramer's V matrix for categorical data
cr_tableCalculates conversion ratio table with counts and proportions
drop_colsDrop columns in 'data.table' by reference or returning a...
dump_to_csvSave data set to 'dump_dir' folder
file_copy_with_dir_createCopy file and create dir if needed
file_move_with_dir_createMove file and create dir if needed
fill_NAs_with_constFills missing values in data.table with a specified constant...
fill_values_with_NAFills specified values (def. empty strings) in data.table...
format_date_timeFormats 'POSIXct' (e.g. 'Sys.time()') object to...
fread_CSVs_from_dirRead (using 'data.table::fread()') and rbind files from...
fread_CSVs_from_listRead (using 'data.table::fread()') and rbind files from list
fread_most_recent_fileRead (using 'data.table::fread()') most recent file from...
get_active_file_pathFuntion returns the active file's path
get_running_script_dir_cmdReturns normalized dir path to running script
gg_color_paletteRecreate ggplot2 colour palette
giniGini score
gini_normNormalized Gini score
glmnet_nonzero_coeffsReturns 'data.table' with coefficients from a 'glmnet' model
group_by_thresholdGroup categories by (cumulative) frequencies
is.not.naChecks for an argument not being NA
is.not.nullChecks for an argument not being NULL
leave_colsLeave selected columns in input 'data.table'
list_csv_filesLists CSV files in the specified directory
mark_outliers_DBSCANFind outliers using density based method
mark_outliers_IQRFind outliers using 1.5 IQR method
mark_outliers_quantFind outliers using 0.01 and 0.99 quantiles
merge_csvMerge multiple '.csv' files reading them one by one
multiplotMultiple plot function
plot_binary_outcomePlots binary outcome
plot_cor_catPlots correlation matrix for categorical variables
plot_cor_contPlots correlation matrix for continuous variables
plot_lift_chartPlots lift chart using binary target and model predictions
reorder_columnsApplies 'reorder_vec' to a 'data.table'.
reorder_vecRearrange character vector.
rm_all_exc_funcRemove all user defined variables except functions
sample_and_replace_valueReplace given value in a random pct of rows (by grouping)
sample_idsReturn a random sample of row ids (by grouping)
setdiff_two_wayTwo way set difference
setup_proxySetup proxy settings
single_microbenchmark'microbenchmark::microbenchmark' with default 'reps = 1'
sorted_namesReturns sorted names of the object
str_to_CamelCaseConvert 'string' to 'String', or 'this.string' to...
str_to_CapitalHelper function for str_to_CamelCase, convert 'string' to...
table_data_tableCounts and percentages table by a specified colname(s)
yes_no_inputInternal function to parse user 'yes/no' input
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