Man pages for mPloenzke/bsnR

blockedSNBlocked sorted neighbors generic.
BlocksBlocks object.
deDuplicatedeDuplicate scored neighbors matrix.
DuplicatesDuplicates object.
greedyConcordanceCalculate greedy match score.
NeighborsNeighbors object.
pedigreesSimulated family pedigrees.
plotPlot Neighbors object generic.
reformatDuplicatesformat deduplicated data back to a list for exporting.
revealTruthReveal scored neighbors matrix.
sampleBackgroundPopulate Neighbors with random pairs.
scoreFamiliesCalculate match score generic.
scoreNeighborsCalculate match score generic.
ScoresScores object.
setSet Neighbors attribute generic.
sortedNeighborsPerform a single iteration of sorted neighbors.
summarySummarize Neighbors object generic.
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