Man pages for mYstar/easyshiny
Simple Set of Functions to Fill a Shiny Template

es_addAdd Shiny Object to App Adds the given params to the internal...
es_add_inputAdds a shiny input object to the UI.
es_add_outputAdd Output Object
es_add_setnameSet the setnames
es_add_staticAdd Static Component
es_build_objectsBuild Objects
es_build_uiBuild UI
es_file_presentCheck for File
es_fileset_presentCheck for Fileset
es_initEasyshiny Initialization
es_reactiveCreate Reactive Value
es_readCreate Filereader
es_read_exfilesRead without header
es_read_filesRead files
es_read_filesetsRead fileset
es_renderPlotAdd Output Object
es_startStart Easyshiny App.
es_summaries_to_htmlConvert summaries
mat_colExtract column
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