Man pages for maRce10/warbleR
Streamline Bioacoustic Analysis

autodetecAutomatically detect vocalizations in sound files
auto_detecalternative name for 'autodetec'
catalogCreate catalog of vocal signals
catalog2pdf'catalog2pdf' combines 'catalog' images into pdfs
checkselsCheck selection data frames
check_selsalternative name for 'checksels'
checkwavsCheck .wav files
check_wavsalternative name for 'checkwavs'
color_spectroalternative name for 'color.spectro'
color.spectroHighlight spectrogram regions
compare_methodsalternative name for 'compare.methods'
compare.methodsAssessing the performance of acoustic distance measurements
consolidateConsolidate (sound) files into a single folder
coor_graphalternative name for 'coor.graph'
coor.graphCoordinated singing graphs
coor_testalternative name for 'coor.test'
coor.testRandomization test for singing coordination
cut_selsCut selections into individual sound files
dfDTWAcoustic dissimilarity using dynamic time warping on dominant...
df_DTWalternative name for 'dfDTW'
dftsExtract the dominant frequency values as a time series
df_tsalternative name for 'dfts'
ffDTWAcoustic dissimilarity using dynamic time warping on...
ff_DTWalternative name for 'ffDTW'
fftsExtract the fundamental frequency values as a time series
ff_tsalternative name for 'ffts'
filterselsSubset selection data frames based on manually filtered image...
filter_selsalternative name for 'filtersels'
fix_extended_selection_tableFix extended selection tables
fixwavsFix .wav files to allow importing them into R
fix_wavsalternative name for 'fixwavs'
frangeDetect frequency range iteratively
frange.detecDetect frequency range on wave objects
freq_rangealternative name for 'frange'
freq_range_detecalternative name for 'frange.detec'
full_specalternative name for 'lspec'
full_spec2pdfalternative name for 'lspec2pdf'
imp.ravendeprecated functions and function names
inflectionsCount number of inflections in a frequency contour
internals'warbleR' Internal Functions
is_extended_selection_tableClass 'extended_selection_table': selection table containing...
is_selection_tableClass 'selection_table': double-checked frequency/time...
lbh_selec_tableData frame of selections (i.e. selection table).
lspecCreate long spectrograms of whole sound files
lspec2pdf'lspec2pdf' combines 'lspec' images in .jpeg format to a...
make.selection.tableOld name for 'selection_table'
manual_localternative name for 'manualoc'
manualocInteractive view of spectrograms
mfcc_statsCalculate descriptive statistics on Mel-frequency cepstral...
move_imgsalternative name for 'move.imgs'
move.imgsMove/copy image files between directories
mp32wavConvert .mp3 files to .wav
multi_DTWA wrapper on 'dtwDist' for comparing multivariate contours
new_function_namesData frame detailing function name changes
open_wdOpen working directory
ovlp_selsFind overlapping selections
phylo_spectroAdd spectrograms onto phylogenetic trees
print.extended_selection_tableprint method for class 'extended_selection_table'
print.selection_tableprint method for class 'selection_table'
quer_mlAccess Macaulay Library media (meta)data
querxcAccess 'Xeno-Canto' recordings and metadata
quer_xcalternative name for 'querxc'
rbind.extended_selection_tablerbind method for class 'extended_selection_table'
rbind.selection_tablerbind method for class 'selection_table'
read_waveA wrapper for tuneR's readWave that read sound files listed...
resample_estResample wave objects in a extended selection table
rm_channelsRemove channels in wave files
rm_silRemove silence in wave files
selec.tableAlternative name for 'selec.table'
selection_tableCreate 'selection_table' and 'extended_selection_table'...
seltailorInteractive view of spectrograms to tailor selections
sel_tailoralternative name for 'seltailor'
se_tsalternative name for 'sp.en.ts'
sig2noiseMeasure signal-to-noise ratio
sim_coor_singAlternative name for ''
sim.coor.singSimulated coordinated singing events.
sim_songsSimulate animal vocalizations
snrspecsSpectrograms with background noise margins
snr_specsalternative name for 'snrspecs'
song_paramCalculates acoustic parameters at the song level
sort_colmsSort columns in a more intuitive order
specanMeasure acoustic parameters in batches of sound files
spec_analternative name for 'specan'
spec_paramPlot a mosaic of spectrograms with varying display parameters
specreatorSpectrograms of selected signals
spectrogramsalternative name for 'specreator'
sp.en.tsExtract the spectral entropy across signals as a time series
sub-.extended_selection_tableextract method for class 'extended_selection_table'
sub-.selection_tableextract method for class 'selection_table'
trackfreqsSpectrograms with frequency measurements
track_freqsalternative name for 'trackfreqs'
track_harmTrack harmonic frequency contour
try_naWrapper for "try" function
warbleRwarbleR: A package to streamline bioacoustic analysis
warbleR_optionsSetting warbleR options
wavdurMeasure the duration of sound files
wav_duralternative name for 'wavdur'
wav_infoGet wave file parameter information
xcmapsMaps of 'Xeno-Canto' recordings by species
xc_mapsalternative name for 'xcmaps'
xcorrSpectrogram cross-correlation
x_corralternative name for 'xcorr'
xcorr_graphalternative name for 'xcorr.graph'
xcorr.graphPairwise plots of spectrogram cross-correlation scores
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