Man pages for maRce10/warbleR
Streamline Bioacoustic Analysis

autodetecAutomatically detect vocalizations in sound files
catalogCreate catalog of vocal signals
catalog2pdf'catalog2pdf' combines 'catalog' images into pdfs
checkselsCheck selection data frames
checkwavsCheck .wav files
color.spectroHighlight spectrogram regions
compare.methodsAssessing the performance of acoustic distance measurements
consolidateConsolidate sound files into a single folder
coor.graphCoordinated singing graphs
coor.testRandomization test for singing coordination
Cryp.souiAcoustic recording of _Crypturellus soui_ (Little Tinamou).
cut_selsCut selections into individual sound files
dfDTWAcoustic dissimilarity using dynamic time warping on dominant...
dftsExtract the dominant frequency values as a time series
ffDTWAcoustic dissimilarity using dynamic time warping on...
fftsExtract the fundamental frequency values as a time series
filterselsSubset selection data frames based on manually filtered image...
fixwavsFix .wav files to allow importing them into R
frangeDetect frequency range iteratively
frange.detecDetect frequency range on wave objects
internals'warbleR' Internal Functions
is.selection.tableCheck if object is of class "selection.table"
lspecCreate long spectrograms of whole sound files
lspec2pdf'lspec2pdf' combines 'lspec' images in .jpeg format to a...
make.selection.tableCreate 'selection.table' class objects
manualocInteractive view of spectrograms
move.imgsMove/copy image files between directories
mp32wavConvert .mp3 files to .wav
ovlp_selsFind overlapping selections
Phae.long1Audio recording #1 of _Phaethornis longirostris_
Phae.long2Audio recording #2 of _Phaethornis longirostris_
Phae.long3Audio recording #3 of _Phaethornis longirostris_
Phae.long4Audio recording #1 of _Phaethornis longirostris_
querxcAccess 'Xeno-Canto' recordings and metadata
rm_silRemove silence in wave files
selec.tableData frame of selections (i.e. selection table).
seltailorInteractive view of spectrograms to tailor selections
sig2noiseMeasure signal-to-noise ratio
sim.coor.singSimulated coordinated singing events.
snrspecsSpectrograms with background noise margins
specanMeasure acoustic parameters in batches of sound files
specreatorSpectrograms of selected signals
sp.en.tsExtract the spectral entropy across signals as a time series
trackfreqsSpectrograms with frequency measurements
warbleRwarbleR: A package to streamline bioacoustic analysis
wavdurMeasure the duration of sound files
xcmapsMaps of 'Xeno-Canto' recordings by species
xcorrSpectrogram cross-correlation
xcorr.graphPairwise plots of spectrogram cross-correlation scores
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