Man pages for mabafaba/hypegrammaR
A grammar of hypothesis test driven analysis

analysisplan_expand_repeatexpand an analysis plan with repeat var
combine_weighting_functionsCombine weight functions from two sampling frames
datasanitation_designApplies basic sanitation to data before summary statistics or...
from_analysisplan_map_to_outputapply an analysis plan
grouped_barchart_percentGrouped barchart for percentages
hypegrammaRhypegrammaR: Implementing IMPACT Data Analysis Guidelines
hypothesis_test_chisquared_select_multiplePerform a chi squared test on a select multiple question...
hypothesis_test_chisquared_select_onehypothesis_test_chisquared_select_one Perform a chi squared...
hypothesis_test_t_one_samplePerform a one sample t test of one numerical variable against...
hypothesis_test_t_two_samplePerform a two sample t test of one numerical variable across...
label_pvaluepresentable p-value format
labels_summary_statisticAdd labels to results
load_analysisplanLoad an analysis plan from a csv file
load_dataload asessment data
load_samplingframeLoad a sampling frame from csv
map_to_caseMap to case
map_to_designMap to Design
map_to_fileSave outputs to files
map_to_generic_hierarchical_htmlhtml from resultlist with results in specified hierarchical...
map_to_hypothesis_testmap to hypothesis test
map_to_labeledAdd labels to results
map_to_master_tableMake the master table of summary stats and hypothesis tests
map_to_resultMap to results from data, variable names & case
map_to_summary_statisticMap to summary statistic
map_to_summary_tableMake the master table of summary stats
map_to_tableresults as a table
map_to_templateMap results to an output template
map_to_visualisationmap to visualisation
map_to_visualisation_heatmapHeatmaps from 'result' objects
map_to_weightingcreates a weighting function from a sampling frame
mean_with_confintsWeighted means with confidence intervals
mean_with_confints_groupsWeighted means with confidence intervals for groups
percent_with_confints_select_multipleWeighted percentages with confidence intervals for select...
percent_with_confints_select_multiple_groupsWeighted percentages with confidence intervals for groups...
percent_with_confints_select_oneWeighted percentages with confidence intervals
percent_with_confints_select_one_groupsWeighted percentages with confidence intervals for groups
pipePipe operator
reach_style_barchartnot used
reach_style_color_beigereach brand beiges
reach_style_color_beigesReach brand beige triples
reach_style_color_darkgreyReach brand dark greys
reach_style_color_darkgreysReach brand dark grey triples
reach_style_color_lightgreyreach brand light greys
reach_style_color_lightgreysReach brand light greys triples
reach_style_color_redReach brand reds
reach_style_color_redsReach brand reds triples function with automatic default
resultlist_recursive_markdownRmarkdown from resultlist in specified hierarchical order
results_subsetsubset a list of results based on analysis parameters
summary_statistic_mode_select_oneWeighted means with confidence intervals for groups
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