Man pages for mabelc/SSC
Semi-Supervised Classification Methods

coBCCoBC method
coBCCombineCombining the hypothesis
coBCGCoBC generic method
coffeeTime series data set
democraticDemocratic method
democraticCombineCombining the hypothesis of the classifiers
democraticGDemocratic generic method
oneNN1-NN supervised classifier builder
predict.coBCPredictions of the coBC method
predict.democraticPredictions of the Democratic method
predict.OneNNModel Predictions
predict.selfTrainingPredictions of the Self-training method
predict.setredPredictions of the SETRED method
predict.snnrcePredictions of the SNNRCE method
predict.triTrainingPredictions of the Tri-training method
selfTrainingSelf-training method
selfTrainingGSelf-training generic method
setredSETRED method
setredGSETRED generic method
snnrceSNNRCE method
triTrainingTri-training method
triTrainingCombineCombining the hypothesis
triTrainingGTri-training generic method
wineWine recognition data
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