Man pages for macartan/hop
Generates plots for various games used in **Political Games**

gt_banzhafBanzhaf index
gt_bimatrixPayoff Matrix
gt_BRarrowHelper to make best response arrows for bimatrix
gt_brcplotBest Response Plots
gt_brgraphPlot best reactions for two person normal form games
gt_cascadeCalculated declarations from an Information Cascade
gt_cgmPlot Clarke-Groves Mechanism.
gt_coasePlot Coase Theorem Illustrations
gt_curveDrawing a curve
gt_cyclesCalculate and plot chaotic cycles
gt_folkFolk Theorem Illustration
gt_juryCondorcet jury theorem illustration
gt_leg_bargLegislative bargaining
gt_maj_gainAssesses how much majorities gain from a policy change in...
gt_majority_phaseMajority rule equilibrium
gt_maj_prefMajority Preference Relation.
gt_nbsNash bargaining solution
gt_permvGenerates set of permutations. Credit: Bernd Beber
gt_plot_banzhafPlot Banzhaf index against normalized raw weights
gt_plot_mrMelzer Richard Illustration
gt_qruleDefine q Rule (strict inequality)
gt_shadowtextHelper for shadow text
gt_shiftHelper to shift coordinates
gt_slope_textHelper to slope text
gt_sssStochastic stabiity
gt_sss_matStochastic stability
gt_starHelper to draw stars
gt_treeGame Tree
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