Man pages for madlogos/aseshms
Toolkit for ASES HMS Team

addRtoolsPathAdd Rtools to SysPath
aggregRiskAggregated Modifiable Risk Stratification
aseshmsaseshms: An R Analytics Toolkit for ASES-HMS Team
autoRefreshPptChartsAutomatically refresh msoChart in a PPT presentation
bindColumnsCombine Similar Columns Into One
bindExcelsCombine Excel Files
bindPDFsConvert PDFs to TXTs And Combine Them to A Data.frame
bindRowsCombine Rows Into One
bindTXTsCombine Txts And Convert Them to A Data Frame
chartBoxBox Chart Based on 'ggplot2'
chartColumnColumn Chart Based on 'ggplot2'
chartLineLine Chart Based on 'ggplot2'
chartTornadoTornado Chart Based on 'ggplot2'
convBD2GCJTransform BD-09 (Baidu) coordinates to GCJ-02 (Google...
convBD2WGSTransform BD-09 (Baidu) coordinates to WGS-84 (Global Coord)
convChar2NumConvert numeric-like characters back to numbers
convClock2PosClock digits to text position and direction
convCoordGeneric Function to Convert coordinates
convDoc2DocxConvert doc to docx
convGCJ2BDTransform GCJ-02 (Google CN/Amap) coordinates to BD-09...
convGCJ2WGSTransform GCJ-02 (Google CN/Amap) coordinates to WGS-84...
convNum2PctConvert numbers to percents
convPDFsConvert PDF to Text Files
convWGS2BDTransform WGS-84 (Global GeoSys) coordinates to BD-09 (Baidu)
convWGS2GCJTransform WGS-84 (Global) coordinates to GCJ-02 (Google...
convXls2XlsxConvert xls to xlsx
data-colon-CLOCKPOSDataset: CLOCK POS
data-colon-ENUMDataset: ENUM
dep_pkgsGet dependent packages for the given packages
encryptItDecrypt a raw vector
enumGet enumeration value(s) based on the enum name(s)
figAgeAge-Gender Chart in Auto Reporting
figBUBU-spec Chart in Auto Reporting
figCityCity-spec Chart in Auto Reporting
figTrendBUBU Trend Chart in Auto Reporting
findVarRowFind the Variable Row
geohostIP address lookup
getAetnaPalHex color vector in a palette
getCoreDataMtxShrink the matrix to its core area
getDistrFromClipbVisualize Distrbution of the Data in Clipboard
getHexPalGeneralized color values parser
getInitNumGet Initial Numeric Part from An Object
getMsoChartDimsGet dims parameters of the matrix yielded from the msoChart...
getMsoChartSeriesGet the series parameters from a msoChart object
getMsoChartSourceDataRetrieve source data matrix from the msoChart object
getMsoChartTypeGet the ChartType of a msoChart object
getMsoPptElemsGet meta info of the shapes in a Powerpoint document
getNCharGet Number of Characters
getOptScaleRangeAuto suggest a range to beautify the axes of a masChart...
getOptScaleUnitAuto suggest a major unit number to beautify the axes of a...
getPwdGet ACC password from the acckey.pem file
getStrInterpretStructured Interpretation
getVarsFromFormulaParse a formula to get the variable list
histAgeHistogram of Age + Gender
iifQuick vectorized call of 'ifelse'
inputPwdInput password key
JS.Operator.Assignment'Javascript'-style Binary Operator Assignment
JStooltipJavaScript Tooltip for Echarts
loadPkgsLoad/install or unload packages from various sources
queryAccess32Get Data from 32-bit Access with 64-bit R
reheadHTMLTableReformat HTML Table
renameRangeRename data range labels
restrImputRestructure Mannually Imput Summarized Data
revgeocodeReverse geocode
setMsoChartScaleOptimize the scale range and major unit of the axes of a...
setMsoChartSeriesReset a msoChart object to match the source data and series
setRptParamSet Report Parameters in GUI
simpSummSimplify Checkup Data Sumamry
tabAgeAge-Gender Table in Auto Reporting
tabBUBU-spec Table in Auto Reporting
tabCityCity-spec Table in Auto Reporting
tabDemogSourceDemographic Data Source Table in Auto Reporting
tabEpiPrevEpidemiologic Prevalence Table (data frame)
tabRisksRisk Aggregation Stats in Auto Reporting
tabSourceData Frame for Tabulation in Auto Reporting
tabTrendBUBU Trend Table in Auto Reporting
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