Man pages for madorning/energySim0.1.0
Spatial Energy Simulation: Linking Subsurface to Surface Resources

continuousAssessmentUSGS Continuous Oil and Gas Assessment
continuousAssessmentSummaryPrint USGS Continuous Assessment Summary
conventionalAssessmentUSGS Conventional Oil and Gas Assessment
conventionalAssessmentSummaryPrint USGS Conventional Assessment Summary
convertAcre2sqMeterUnit conversion
enforceRankCorrelationRank Correlation
getMaxOutlineGet maximum productive area shapefile outline
impactsPadsCalculate changes to raster dataset based on pad placement
impactsRoadsCalculate changes to raster dataset based on road placement
importRasterImports raster file
importShapeImports a shapefile
makeRoadsCreate roads from distances
makeRoadsDCreate roads from distribution
placePadsPlace pads for one set of sampled oil and gas parameters
placeRoadsPlace roads for surface impacts
plotLogNormalDistributionPlot Log-normal Distribution
plotTriDistributionPlot Triangle Distribution
prepareChangeRasterPrepare Raster for simulation
prepareChangeShapePrepare Shapefile for Change Comparison
prepareRuslePrepare RUSLE inputs
prepareSimDistributionsPrepare simulation inputs related to the oil and gas...
prepareSimSpatialPrepare simulation inputs related to the spatial extents
rusleCalculate soil loss according to RUSLE
scaleShapeScales shapefile.
scaleShape2ShapeScale shapefile within shapefile
scaleShapeTransformationTransforms shapefile using an affine transformation.
scaleSquareShapeScales square shapefile
simAggregateAggregate output distributions
simIterationCommands for a single iteration
surfaceBaseAssign as base raster
surfaceConvertConvert raster to matrix
surfaceResampleResample raster
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