Man pages for malaria-atlas-project/malariaAtlas
An R Interface to Open-Access Malaria Data, Hosted by the 'Malaria Atlas Project'

as.MAPrasterConvert Raster objects into MAPraster objects
as.MAPshpConvert SpatialPolygon objects into MAPshp objects
autoplot_MAPrasterQuickly visualise Rasters downloaded from MAP
autoplot.MAPrasterQuickly visualise Rasters downloaded from MAP
autoplot.MAPshpCreate a basic plot to visualise downloaded shapefiles a basic plot showing locations of downloaded PR points
convertPrevalenceconvert prevalences from one age range to another
extractRasterExtract pixel values from MAP rasters using point...
getPRDownload PR points from the MAP database
getRasterDownload Rasters produced by the Malaria Atlas Project
getShpDownload MAPadmin2013 Administrative Boundary Shapefiles from...
isAvailableCheck whether PR points are available for a given location
listDataList data available to download from the MAP geoserver.
listPointsList countries with available PR Point data.
listRasterList all MAP Rasters available to download.
listShpList administrative units for which shapefiles are stored on...
malariaAtlasAn R interface to open-access malaria data, hosted by the...
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