Man pages for malcolmbarrett/avalanchr
Tools for the Avalanche Data Science Team

avalanchr-packageavalanchr: Tools for the Avalanche Data Science Team
count_donationsGroup donations by sector and return summary
create_analysisCreate a directory for standard AVALANCHE anlyses
data_dictionarya data dictionary for AVALANCHE DBs
db_conConnect to a database
get_resident_dataReturn various data used in AVALANCHE analyses
gt_data_dictionaryCreate gt table for the data dictionary
gt_donationsCreate gt table for donations by sector
launch_appLaunch Reactor Data Shiny App
pipePipe operator
plot_donationsPlot donation counts by sector
plot_resident_countsPlot resident counts by sector
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
segment_reactor_outputSegment Shinra reactor data
theme_avalancheAVALANCHE ggplot2 themes
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