Man pages for malcolmbarrett/tidymeta
Tidy and Plot Meta Analyses

addAdd model values to a table of meta-analysis results
add_metaAdd a meta-analysis to a tbl
augmentersAugment data with values from a meta-analysis model
cumulativeCumulative sensitivity analyses of meta-analysis results
geom_funnelFunnel plot lines
glance.rma.uniConstruct a one-row summary of meta-analysis model fit...
iud_cxcaMeta-analysis of IUD and cervical cancer
lock_orderLock the order of the data in the plot
log_scalesLog scales for continuous data (x & y)
metathemesMinimalist theme with meta-analyses in mind
pipePipe operator
pull_metaPull the meta-analysis object
pull_summaryPull the meta-analysis summary estimate
quickplotsQuickly plot common visualizations for meta-analyses
sensitivitySensitivity analyses of meta-analysis results
sub2summaryGroup summary estimates together
text_tableQuickly produce text tables to accompany forest plots.
tidiersTidying methods for meta-analyis objects
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