Man pages for malexan/forecastbox
Toolbox of forecasting algorithms wrapped in web application

best_mdlSelects model with minimal mean absolute forecating error.
binnerSimple function with Shiny app inside
cal_adjAdjusts work days.
cal_adj_backAdjusts work days back.
convert_dataConverts raw data to tidy format
convert_df2tsConverts data frame to ts object. Only monthly data is...
crossv_tsTime series cross-validation
crossv_ts_multiTime series cross-validation for list of modelling functions
fit_ts_mdlFits forecast model based on time series, forecasting...
forecastboxФункция запуска Shiny-приложения для загрузки и обработки...
frcst_fit_paramsReturns parameters for fitting of selected forecasting model
import_excelImports an Excel file with time series data.
lwst_tsSelects time series with lowest average value
raw_column2tblConverts text column with numbers to a tibble
run_predictMakes predictions
ui_loginLogin UI page
ui_tabset_panel_mainTabset panel for UI
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