Man pages for mamut86/diffusion
Forecast the Diffusion of New Products

difcurveCalculates the values for various diffusion curves, given...
diffusionFit various diffusion curves.
NortonbassNorton-Bass model
Nortonbass_errorFits Norton Bass curve and estimated RMSE
Nortonbass_startvalgenFits Norton Bass curve and estimated RMSE
plot.diffusionPlot a fitted diffusion curve.
plot.seqdiffusionPlot sequentially fitted diffusion curves.
predict.diffusionPredict future periods of a fitted diffusion curve.
print.diffusionPrint a fitted diffusion curve.
print.seqdiffusionPrint sequentially fitted diffusion curves.
seqdiffusionEnables fitting various sequential diffusion curves.
tsacTime series: Assassins Creeds
tsbroadbandTime series: Broadcast subscribers
tscarstockTime series: Stock of cars
tschickenTime series: Chicken weight
tsibmTime series: Sales of IBM Computers
tsMetalTime series: U.S. Merchant Marine conversion to metal
tssafariTime series: Safari Browser market share
tswindowsTime series: Windows OS Platform Statistics
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