Man pages for mangal-wg/rmangal
R interface to the mangal API for open ecological networks data

addDatasetAdd a new dataset
addEnvironmentAdd a new environment
addInteractionAdd a new interaction
addItemAdd a new item
addNetworkAdd a new network
addReferenceAdd a new reference
addTaxaAdd a new taxa object
addTraitAdd a new trait
formatTraitEnvFormat a trait or environment
getDatasetGet a particular dataset
getElementsGet aggregated informations on a network
getEnvironmentGet an environmental measure
getInteractionGet a particular interaction
getItemGet an item
getNetworkGet a particular network
getReferenceGet a reference
getTaxaGet a particular taxa
getTraitGet an traital measure
listDatasetList the datasets currently in the DB
listEnvironmentList the environments
listInteractionList the interactions currently in the DB
listItemList the items
listNetworkList the networks currently in the DB
listReferenceList the references
listTaxaList the taxa currently in the DB
listTraitList the traits
makefilterConstruct a filtering query
makeTaxaTableMake a table with taxa level infos
mangalapiInitialise a mangal API object
mangalGetGet an object of a given type Returns an object
mangalListList all objects of a given type
mangalPatchPatch an object Patch an existing object
mangalPostPost an object
multi_resToURIConvert several resources or IDs to URI
pagerResourcesRead resources
patchDatasetPatch a dataset
patchEnvironmentPatch a environment
patchInteractionPatch an interaction
patchItemPatch a item
patchNetworkPatch a network
patchReferencePatch a reference
patchTaxaPatch a taxa
patchTraitPatch a trait
releaseDatasetRelease a dataset
releaseResourceRelease a resource
render_parametersRender url additional key/value pairs
resToURIConvert resource or ID to URI
taxaToVectorTransforms a taxa to a vector
toCheddarExport a network to cheddar
toIgraphExport a network to igraph
uri_from_unameGet the URI of a user from its username
whatIsHow should objects be formatted
whoAmIGet self user info
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