API for mannau/h5
Interface to the 'HDF5' Library

Global functions
Attribute Man page
Attribute-class Man page
ChunkSize Source code
CloseAttribute Source code
CloseDataset Source code
CloseDataspace Source code
CloseFile Source code
CloseGroup Source code
CommonFG Man page
CommonFG-DataSet Man page
CommonFG-Group Man page
CommonFG-class Man page
CreateAttribute_DataSet Source code
CreateAttribute_Group Source code
CreateAttribute_H5File Source code
CreateDataset Source code
CreateGroup Source code
DataSet Man page
DataSet-Extend Man page
DataSet-Subset Man page
DataSet-class Man page
DataSpace Man page
DataSpace-class Man page
ExistsGroup Source code
ExtendDataset Source code
FlushFile Source code
GetAttributeDimensions Source code
GetAttributeNames_CommonFG Source code
GetAttributeNames_DataSet Source code
GetAttributeType Source code
GetDataSetChunksize Source code
GetDataSetCompression Source code
GetDataSetDimensions Source code
GetDataSetMaxDimensions Source code
GetDataSetNames Source code
GetDataSetType Source code
GetDataSpace Source code
GetDataspace Source code
GetDimensions Source code
GetGroupNames Source code
GetSoftLinks Source code
GetTypechar Source code
H5File Man page Source code
H5File-class Man page
H5Group Man page
H5Group-class Man page
H5Location Man page
H5Location-Attribute Man page
H5Location-class Man page
IsHDF5File Source code
OpenAttribute_DataSet Source code
OpenAttribute_Group Source code
OpenAttribute_H5File Source code
OpenDataset Source code
OpenFile Source code
OpenGroup Source code
ReadAttribute Source code
ReadDataset Source code
SelectAll Source code
SelectElem Source code
SelectHyperslab Source code
Unlink Source code
WriteAttribute Source code
WriteDataset Source code
[,CommonFG,character,ANY-method Man page
[,DataSet,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,DataSet,missing,missing-method Man page
[,DataSet,missing,numeric-method Man page
[,DataSet,numeric,missing-method Man page
[<-,CommonFG,character,ANY-method Man page
[<-,DataSet,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,DataSet,missing,missing-method Man page
[<-,DataSet,missing,numeric-method Man page
[<-,DataSet,numeric,missing-method Man page
c,DataSet-method Man page
checkChunksize Source code
checkCompression Source code
checkMaxDimensions Source code
createAttribute Man page
createAttribute,H5Location,character-method Man page
createDataSet Man page
createDataSet,CommonFG,character,ANY,missing,missing,ANY,ANY,ANY Man page Man page
createDataSet,CommonFG,character,missing,character,ANY,ANY,ANY,A Man page
createDataset_internal Source code
createGroup Man page
createGroup,CommonFG,character-method Man page
dataSpaceFromIndex Source code
existsDataSet Man page
existsDataSet,CommonFG,character-method Man page
existsGroup Man page
existsGroup,CommonFG,character-method Man page
extendDataSet Man page
extendDataSet,DataSet,numeric-method Man page
getGroupLocation Source code
getH5Group Man page
getH5Group,CommonFG,character-method Man page
h5-package Man page
h5attr Man page
h5attr,H5Location,character-method Man page
h5attr<- Man page
h5attr<-,H5Location,character-method Man page
h5close Man page
h5close,DataSet-method Man page
h5close,DataSpace-method Man page
h5close,H5File-method Man page
h5close,H5Group-method Man page
h5file Man page Source code
h5flush Man page
h5flush,H5File-method Man page
h5unlink Man page
h5unlink,CommonFG,character-method Man page
is.h5file Man page Source code
list.attributes Man page
list.attributes,H5Location-method Man page
list.datasets Man page
list.datasets,CommonFG-method Man page
list.groups Man page
list.groups,CommonFG-method Man page
openAttribute Man page
openAttribute,H5Location,character-method Man page
openDataSet Man page
openDataSet,CommonFG,character-method Man page
openGroup Man page
openGroup,CommonFG,character-method Man page
readAttribute Man page
readAttribute,Attribute-method Man page
readDataSet Man page
readDataSet,DataSet-method Man page
selectDataSpace Man page
selectDataSpace,DataSet,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
selectDataSpace,DataSet,missing,missing,matrix-method Man page
selectDataSpace,DataSet,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
subsetDataSet Source code
transpose_data Source code
writeAttribute Man page
writeAttribute,Attribute-method Man page
writeDataSet Man page
writeDataSet,DataSet-method Man page
writeSubsetDataSet Source code
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