Man pages for mapping-elections/mappingelections
Mapping Early American Elections

aggregate_party_votesAggregate votes for a geographic unity by political party
generate_map_metadataGenerate the YAML for each Congressional election map
get_county_map_dataGet the data to map party vote percentages by county state by...
get_national_map_dataGet the data to map party vote percentages by county for the...
histcongressHistoric Congressional district boundaries
join_to_spatialJoin aggregated party data to spatial data
make_map_pageMake a map page for the Jekyll site
map_electionsMap elections data
map_nationalMap the Congressional data for the nation
mappingelectionsMapping Early American Elections
meae_dataElections data from Mapping Early American Elections
parse_nnv_xmlParse an election XML file from NNV
results-tableGet a table of results by candidate and Congressional...
vote_countsGet the votes by candidate and geographic unit
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