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List of differentially expressed genes from three distinct experiments from which the identifiers and the ranking statistics to be used for computing overlap proportions will be retrieved. This type of object is the starting point of a CAT-plot analysis,




This object is a list of data.frames containing at least two common columns, one for the identifiers and one for the ranking statistics. The common columns must have the same column names. In the provided example the following columns are present in each data.frame:

SYMBOL: Gene symbol column;

GENENAME: Gene name column;

ENTREZID: ENTREZ Gene identifier column;

logFC: Log2 fold-change column;

AveExpr: Average expression (A-value) column;

t: moderated t-statistics column;

P.Value: P-value column;

adj.P.Val: adjusted P-value column;

B: B-statitics (log-odds) column;

The statistics were computed using the topTable function from limma.


Luigi Marchionni


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