Man pages for marcianito/UmbrellaEffect
Gravity data reduction procedure (related to the shielding of its building)

BdSizeCalculate the size of the SG building
building_foundationConstructs a grid of the SG buidling foundation
calculate_gravity_responseCalulate gravity response for 3d grids
construct_verticesConstruct vertices for SG building foundation
convert_demtodfConvert DEM to data.frame
convert_gravity_responseConvert gravity data
correct_SGbuilding_foundationCorrect the gravity component grid for the SG building...
decimalplacesCalculate number of decimal places in a number
fill_gcompgridCalculate gravity component, WITHOUT umbrella effect
gravity_comp_gridGravity component grid
plot_gcomp_gridPlot transect of gravity component grid
plot_ts_dataPlot multiply time series with one same basis
read_csvRead .csv files
read_dataRead input data files
read_demRead Digital Elevation Models
read_rDataRead .rData files
read_tsfRead .tsf files
reduce_gravityReduce observed gravity data
reduction_BdSizeReceive reduction factor based on the dimension of the SG...
reduction_hydScen_SGlocReceive reduction factor based on hydrological conditon and...
select_gMethod_EdgesChoose method for computing gravity component for a cell of a...
select_gMethod_regularChoose method for computing gravity component for a cell of a...
SoilMoisture_grid3dSoil moisture grid (3d)
surface_gridSurface grid
surface_to_grid3dInterpolate grid(df) to 3D grid
zootodfConvert zoo-object to data frame
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