Man pages for marcianito/gravityInf
Infiltration (sprinkling) and continious realtive gravity measurements

checkWaterVolumesCheck infiltrated water volumen
correct_SGpillarCorrect gravity component grid for the SG pillar
create_WaterIntensityGridCreate an interpolated grid of the superficial water...
inf_model_3d_2macroHydro-gravimetric model (incl. lateral flow), for 2 different...
plot_gravity_responsesPlot gravity response of observed and modeled gravity signal
plotInfiltrationProfileplot irrigated cut profile at certain time step
plot_transect_2dPlot 2d transect of modeled infiltration waster distribution
plot_transects_2dPlot 2d transect of modeled infiltration waster distribution
run_model_conversionRun infiltration model in conversion mode
run_model_inversionRun infiltration model in inversion mode
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