Man pages for marcianito/gravitySynth
Errors due to global gravity correction methods

aggTSAggregate data.frame time series to other time periods
calc_facTopoCalculate topographic gravity factor
create_nestedGravityGridCreate a gravity component grid out of 3 spatially different...
DEM_to_grid3dSurface grid
dif_firstLastCalculate differences between last and first value of a...
ET_from_gleamActual Evapotranspiration data (daily) from GLEAM
extract_ETavgsCompare differences of value at midnight to daily diferences...
facTopo_from_gridCalculate topographic gravity factor
getComponentCombinationsGet the names of all gravity components, used in combinations
getFluxNet_ETExtract and format evapotranspiration data from FluxNet
getStationParamExtract parameter corresponding to a station (location)
pick_tsConstruct a time series out of different combinations of...
precip_from_esrlPrecipitation data (daily) from ESRL (NOAA)
precip_from_GPMPrecipitation data (30 minutes) from GPM (NASA)
remove_insideArearemoves all DEM points inside a certain area
remove_insideRadiusremoves all DEM points inside of a certain radius
remove_outsideRadiusremoves all DEM points outside of a certain radius
rmseRMSE of simulated and observed vectors
tif_to_asciitif_to_ascii: converts geoTiff fromat raster data into arc...
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