Man pages for marcusyoung/opentripplanner
Open Trip Planner for R

correct_distancesCorrect the elevation distances
otp_build_graphBuild an OTP Graph
otp_checksBasic OTP Setup Checks
otp_connectSet up and confirm a connection to an OTP instance.
otp_geocodeUse OTP Geocoder to find a location
otp_isochroneGet the Isochrones from a location
otp_json2sfConvert output from Open Trip Planner into sf object
otp_planGet the geometry of a route from OTP
otp_plan_batchGet multiple routes from OTP
otp_setupSet up an OTP instance.
otp_stopStop and OTP Instance
polyline2linestringConvert Google Encoded Polyline and elevation data into sf...
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