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Tidy eval helpers


  • sym() creates a symbol from a string and syms() creates a list of symbols from a character vector.

  • expr() and quo() quote one expression. quo() wraps the quoted expression in a quosure.

    The plural variants rlang::exprs() and quos() return a list of quoted expressions or quosures.

  • enexpr() and enquo() capture the expression supplied as argument by the user of the current function (enquo() wraps this expression in a quosure).

    enexprs() and enquos() capture multiple expressions supplied as arguments, including ....

exprs() is not exported to avoid conflicts with Biobase::exprs(), therefore one should always use rlang::exprs().

To learn more about tidy eval and how to use these tools, visit http://rlang.r-lib.org and the Metaprogramming section of Advanced R.

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