Man pages for mariusbarth/annotate4
S4 Classes and Methods for Annotated Vectors

annotateCoerce vectors to annotated vectors
annotated_vector-classS4 Class Union for Annotated Vectors
as_characterCoerce annotated factors to character vectors
as_factorCoerce Annotated Vectors to Factors
combine_plotmathCombine to expression
default_labelSet default variable labels from column names
droplevels-annotated_factor-methodDrop Unused Levels from Factors
droplevels-data.frame-method#' Drop Unused Levels from Vectors #' #' This is an...
initialize-annotated_vector-methodGenerate an Annotated Vector
levels-set-annotated_factor-methodSet Levels of an Annotated Factor
names-set-annotated_vector-ANY-methodThe Names of an Annotated Vector
relevel_annotatedReorder Levels of Annotated Factor
repReplicate Elements of Annotated Vectors
replacement_with_NULL_namesReplace the Names Slot with NULL
show-annotated_vector-methodShow an Annotated Vector
show-vector_annotation-methodShow a vector annotation
sub_annotatedSubsetting of Annotated Vectors
variable_labelAssign or Extract Variable Labels
variable_label-labelledExtract label from a 'labelled' vector
variable_label-vector-methodExtract label of an Atomic (i.e., non-annotated) vector
vector_annotation-classAnnotations for Vectors
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