Man pages for markajoc/MBCbigP
Model-Based Clustering for High-Dimensional Data

bestseparatedCriteria for measuring the quality of clustering solution.
calcloglikCalculate log-likelihood for a Gaussian mixture model.
colMeans.weightedWeighted column means
estepExpectation step for Expectation-Maximisation algorithm
initialise.membershipsInitialise parameters for Expectation-Maximisation algorithm
mbcFit a mixture of multivariate Gaussians
mbcbigpFit a mixture of multivariate Gaussians using sequential...
MBCbigP-packageA short title line describing what the package does
mean_conditionalCalculate conditional mean and covariance for multivariate...
mstepMaximisation step for Expectation-Maximisation algorithm
mstep_condConditional maximisation step for Expectation-Maximisation...
rcpp_hello_worldSimple function using Rcpp
test_addSum two numbers
var.wtCalculate a weighted covariance matrix between two sets of...
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