Man pages for markdly/conquestr
Conquest Version 2 and R

conquestrconquestr: A package for exchanging information with ConQuest...
cqc_cmdsList of ConQuest commands
cqc_dataMake ConQuest fixed width text file
cqc_defaultsList of default arguments for use with ConQuest commands
cqc_exact_wrapexactly wrap text at the width specified
cqc_labelMake ConQuest label text
cqc_resp_colsCondense ConQuest response columns syntax
cqc_syntaxGenerate ConQuest syntax, with some reasonable defaults
cq_exampleExample ConQuest output files
cq_example_itanalcq_example_itanal (deprecated)
cq_itanalMain function to read an itanal. If it doesn't work try using...
cq_pvRead in a ConQuest produced plausible values file
cq_read_itanalRead in a traditional ConQuest item analysis file as text
cq_resp_statsExtracts the response stats from an itanal into usable form
cq_showRead in ConQuest show output file
short_testUnscored student response data.
short_test_score_keyCorrect answer key for 'data(short_test)'
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