Man pages for markheckmann/R2PPTaddons
Functions extending the functionality of R2PPT

arbitrary_graphicsGenerate some png graphics
color_to_integerConvert color value to long integer used in COM model for...
PPT.AddGraphicstoSlide2Adding a graphic to a slide.
PPT.AddShapeAdd various shapes
PPT.AddTextBoxAdding a textbox to a slide.
PPT.FitGraphicIntoShapeFit an image into an existing shape
PPT.ReplaceShapeByGraphicReplace shape with matching text by graphic
PPT.ReplaceTextByGraphicReplace matching text by graphic
PPT.ReplaceTextByTextReplace matching text by text
PPT.ShapesOnCurrentSlideGet pointers to all shapes on current slide
PPT.UpdateCurrentSlideUpdate the current slide stored in R2PPT object
R2PPTaddons'R2PPTaddons' - Feature enhancement for 'R2PPT'.
slide_dimGet width and height of active slide
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