Man pages for markmfredrickson/RItools
Randomization Inference Tools

aggregateDesignsAggregate DesignOptions
alignDesignsByStrataAlign DesignOptions by Strata
alignedToInferentialsAlign to Inferentials
balanceplotCreate a plot of the balance on variables across different...
balanceTestStandardized Differences for Stratified Comparisons
balanceTestEnginexBalance helper function
balanceTest.make.stratwtsbalanceTest helper function
CovsAlignedToADesign-classCovsAlignedToADesign S4 class
design_matrixModel matrices along with compact encodings of data...
DesignMatrix-classDesignMatrix S4 class
DesignOptions-classDesignOptions S4 class
designToDescriptivesGenerate Descriptives
DesignWeightsCreate stratum weights to be associated with a DesignOptions
effectOfTreatmentOnTreatedNumber of treatment clusters by stratum
flatten.xbalresultFlattens xBalance output.
formula.xbalReturns 'formula' attribute of an 'xbal' object.
harmonicHarmonic mean
harmonic_times_mean_weightHarmonic mean times mean of weights
identify_NM_varsIdentify vars recording not-missing (NM) info
iprInfer inverse probability/odds of assignment weights in...
makeDesignsCreate a DesignOptions object from a formula and some data
makePvalGet p-value for Z-stats
naImputeImpute NA's
nuclearplantsNuclear Power Station Construction Data
plot.xbalPlot of balance across multiple strata
print.xbalPrinting xBalance Objects with a fix
slm.wfit.csrslm.wfit with two fixes
SparseMMFromFactorSparse matrix dummy coding of a factor variable (omitting the...
sparseToVecConvert Matrix to vector
StratumWeightedDesignOptions-classStratum Weighted DesignOptions
subset.xbalSelect variables, strata, and statistics from a 'xbal' object
tidy.xbal[broom::tidy()/glance()] methods for...
withOptionsSafe way to temporarily override options()
xBalanceStandardized Differences for Stratified Comparisons
xBalance.find.goodstratsxBalance helper function
xBalance.makepooledsdxBalance helper function
xtable.xbalAn 'xtable' method for 'xbal' objects
XtX_pseudoinv_sqrtMatrix square root of XtX's pseudoinverse
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