caliperSize: (Internal) Determines how many other units fall within a...

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(Internal) Determines how many other units fall within a caliper distance


The matching functions fullmatch and pairmatch have a maximum problem size, based on the number of comparisons between treated and control units. For a completely dense problem, in which every treated units is compared to every control unit there are length(treated) * length(control) comparisons. A caliper restricts which comparisons are valid, disallowing matches of treated and control pairs that are too far apart. A caliper can significantly decrease the size of a matching problem. The caliperSize function reports exactly who many valid treated-control comparisons remain after applying a caliper of the given width.


caliperSize(scores, z, width, structure = NULL)



A numeric vector of scores providing 1-D position of units


Treatment indicator vector


Width of caliper, must be positive


Grouping factor to use in computation


numeric Total number of pairwise distances remaining after the caliper is placed.

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