Man pages for martinbryan/SUMMER
Spatio-Temporal Under-Five Mortality Methods for Estimation

aggregateSurveyAggregate estimators from different surveys.
ChangeRegionFunction to map region names to a common set.
countrySummaryObtain the Horvitz-Thompson direct estimates and standard...
countrySummary_multObtain the Horvitz-Thompson direct estimates and standard...
DemoDataFake dataset for vignette.
DemoData2Fake dataset for vignette.
DemoMapMap dataset for vignette.
DemoMap2Map dataset for vignette.
expitExpit transformation
fitINLAFit INLA models to direct estimators with a yearly model.
fitSpaceFit INLA models to perform simple space smoothing.
getBirthsFunction to get Births file from DHS .dta files.
logitLogit transformation
mapPlotMakes map plot.
plot.projINLAPlot projection output.
projINLAFunction to obtain projected estimates from INLA for each...
read_shapeFunction to read shape files.
rstSimulate spatial and temporal random effects
simhyperFunction to simulate hyperpriors from an adjacency matrix.
SUMMER-packageSUMMER package documentation.
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