Man pages for martinchevalier/gustave
A User-Oriented Statistical Toolkit for Analytical Variance Estimation

add0Expand a matrix or a data.frame with zeros based on rownames...
define_linearization_wrapperDefine a linearization wrapper
define_variance_wrapperDefine a variance estimation wrapper
ict_popSampling frame of the Information and communication...
ict_sampleSample of the Information and communication technologies...
ict_surveySurvey data of the Information and communication technologies...
linearization_wrapper_standardStandard linearization wrappers
rescalLinear Regression Residuals Calculation
sumbyEfficient by-group (weighted) summation
varDTVariance approximation with Deville-Tillé (2005) formula
var_poisVariance estimator for a Poisson sampling design
varSYGSen-Yates-Grundy variance estimator
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