Man pages for martinctc/textworks
All-in-one package for working with text data

breakitdownContingency table by referencing data and variables
ctabPass a variable and return a contingency table by column...
ctab.mcContingency table for a multi-code question
fa.loadFunction to create a loadings file from the factanal() output
fa.scoreFunction to create a score file from the factanal() output
hclustfuncRun hierarchical clustering with arguments to specify...
likert.convertConvert a Likert scale from one scale to another
likert.reverseReverse a Likert scale
maxminMax-Min Scaling Function
plain_numFunction to convert all relevant columns to numeric Create a...
split.ttSplit the data into a simple training and testing set
trans.mTranslate function using the Microsoft Translator API
trans.tTranslate function using API
trans.transltrTranslate function using API
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