Man pages for marziacremona/IWTomics
Interval-Wise Testing for Omics Data

ETn_exampleETn Recombination hotspots data
features_exampleExample of features
IWTomicsData-classClass '"IWTomicsData"'
IWTomics-internalIWTomics internal functions
IWTomics-packageInterval-Wise Testing for Omics Data
IWTomicsTestInterval-Wise Testing
plot-IWTomicsDataPlot '"IWTomicsData"' object
plotSummarySummary plots of Interval-Wise Testing result
plotTestDetailed plots of Interval-Wise Testing result
regions_exampleExample of regions
regionsFeatures_centerExample of '"IWTomicsData"' object with center alignment
regionsFeatures_scaleExample of '"IWTomicsData"' object with scale alignment
smooth-IWTomicsDataSmooth curves of a '"IWTomicsData"' object
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