Man pages for masalmon/laads
Access to MODIS Level 1 and Atmosphere data products API

laads_collectionsAvailable collections for a given product.
laads_data_coverageRange of dates covered by the given product in the given...
laads_file_urlsReturns the data file FTP URLs for the given file IDs.
laads_max_search_resultsMaximum number of file IDs that will be returned from a...
laads_product_groupsAvailable product groups for a given instrument
laads_productsAvailable products.
laads_products_instrumentAvailable product groups for a given instrument
laads_satellite_instrumentsAvailable satellite instruments.
laads_search_datasetsReturns a list of products matching the supplied keywords.
laads_search_filesReturns a list of file IDs matching the given search...
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