Man pages for masurp/pmstats
Customized Functions for Statistical Computations, Result Extractions, and Reporting

add_fscoresComputes and adds factor scores based on CFA
cfa_invariance_fitCompare fit of several CFA or SEM models
cfa_invariance_testSEM model comparison (Chisquare-test)
cfa_tableTable with items and factor loadings
coeff_plotCoefficient plot for a SEM
compute_iccIntraclass Correlation Coefficient
destandardizeDestandardize effect sizes (r)
extract_gofComputes goodness-of-fit indices from "lm" objects
fit_tableCreates a table with relevant fit indices for an SEM or CFA
moderation_plotInteraction plot for continuous moderators
print_coeffPrints individual coefficients for RMarkdown inline reporting
print_fitPrints fit indices for inline reporting
print_relPrint reliabilities of a latent factor
prior_post_plotPlotting the prior and posterior distributions of a
prior_post_valuesExtracting the prior and posterior distributions from...
pseudo_r2Pseudo R-Square for Logistic Regression Models
rel_tableCreates a table with the reliability estimates of a SEM or...
result_tableResult table for linear models, (bayesian) multilevel models...
simple_modindicesSimple function compute modification indices
variance_reductionExplained variance for two-level random intercept models
zero_order_corrZero-order correlation table
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