Man pages for matbmeijer/BusinessObjects
SAP Business Objects API wrapper

get_bo_configurationGetting the Configuration parameters
get_bo_connectionsRetrieving the Connections
get_bo_document_detailsRetrieve Business Objects document details
get_bo_document_schedulesRetrieve Business Objects document schedules
get_bo_folder_ressourcesRetrieve all the children elements of a folder
get_bo_schedule_detailsRetrieve Business Objects document' schedule details
get_bo_universe_detailsGetting the details of a SAP Business Objects' universe
get_bo_universesGetting the List of SAP Business Objects universes
log_offLogs off from the SAP Business Objects
log_onLogs into SAP Business Objects
update_bo_excel_fileUpdate an Excel File from SAP Business Objects
upload_excel_to_boUpload an Excel File to SAP Business Objects
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