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Create nested loop plots

add_ablineWrapper to add lines to nested loop plot
add_annotationWrapper to add annotations to nested loop plot
add_custom_themeWrapper to customize theme of nested loop plot
add_geom_at_positionAdds 'ggplot2' derived geometry at specified z-level position
add_linesWrapper to add lines to nested loop plot
add_pointsWrapper to add points to nested loop plot
add_processingAdd post processing to 'ggplot2' object
add_stepsWrapper to add steps to nested loop plot
add_textWrapper to add text to nested loop plot
adjust_ylimAdjust y-axis limits of 'ggplot2' object
expand_ylimAdjust y-axis limits of 'ggplot2' object
FacetGridScalesggproto facet
nested_loop_base_dataGenerate data for facetted nested loop plots
nested_loop_base_plotBasic facetted nested loop plots
nested_loop_paramsteps_dataGenerate data for facetted nested loop plots
nested_loop_paramsteps_plotAdds step functions for design parameters to a basic facetted...
nested_loop_plotFacetted nested loop plots
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