Man pages for mathieucarmassi/calibrationcode
Code Calibration in a Bayesian Framework

calibrateGenerates 'calibrate.class' objects
calibrate.classA Reference Class to generates different 'calibrate.class'...
CaliCoBayesian calibration for computational codes
chainReturn the MCMC chain in a 'data.frame'
DefPosFunction that deals with negative eigen values in a matrix...
estimatorsReturn Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) and Mean A Posteriori...
forecastGenerates a forecast base on calibration run with 'calibrate'
forecast.classA Reference Class to generates differents 'forecast.class'...
grapes-less-than-grapesOperator to define active bindings variables
Kernel.classA Reference Class to generates differents model objects
kernel.funGenerates covariances matrices thanks to 'Kernel.class'
MetropolisHastingsCppC++ implementation of the algorithm for parameter calibration
modelGenerates 'model.class' objects.
model.classA Reference Class to generates differents model objects
multivariateSimulate from a Multivariate Normal Distribution
priorGenerates 'prior.class' objects.
prior.classA Reference Class to generate differents 'prior.class'...
seqDesign.classA Reference Class to generate a better Model2 or Model4...
sequentialDesignCalibration with a sequential design
unscaleFunction which unscale un matrix or a vector
unscale.matrix.diagFunction which unscale only the diagonal component of a...
unscale.vectorFunction which unscale a vector between two bounds
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