Man pages for mathphysmx/cleanTable
Cleaning of data in tables.

anyCellEmptyCheck if any cell of a vector is empty
ccSums'c'heck and 'c'orrect row-wise sums
checkClasslook for non-numeric columns and correct them to numeric
CheckRowSumsChecks that evey row sums 'total'
countEmptyCellscount the number of empty cells in each row in order to check...
EmptyRowCheck if any row of a table is empty
getPosIndexLook for the index in an R object
helloHello, World!
maqCheck if all the answers are according to the optios...
mcqMultiple choice questions (mcq) check.
MoveCells2leftMove filled cells to the leftmost empty cells.
mSums2Check and correct Multiple sums
paseVerify a multiple choice question with optional answer. See...
pase1Verify a multiple choice question with optional answer. See...
q11_1Does the job in question 11 of Comercio.xlsx
q12_2Verify question 12.2 of comercio.xlsx
q15_1Does the job in question 15 in comercio.xlsx
RemoveBlankscut Remove or delete Leading / Trailing Whitespace blanks of...
rmNonNumericremove non-numeric symbols. Commas, semicolons, white space...
setEmptyCellsValueChanges multiple invalid values for a unique invalid value
shiftCellsHShift cells (or block of cells) horizontally if the previous...
statmodecomputes the mode of data
statmodeTablecomputes the mode of data
TotalComparecomparison between two vectors
xlsColsNamesGenerates a vector with the characters of excel spreadsheets...
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