Man pages for matsukik/grt
General Recognition Theory

coef.glcExtract 'glc' or 'gcjc' coefficients
dprimeCalculate d' (d-prime)
extractAIC.glcextractAIC method for class 'glc', 'gqc', 'gcjc', and 'grg'
gaborPatchDraw a gray-scale Gabor Patch
gcjcGeneral Conjunctive Classifier
gcjcStructGeneral Conjunctive Classifier structure
glcGeneral Linear Classifier
glcStructGeneral Linear Classifier structure
gqcGeneral Quadratic Classifier
gqcStructGeneral Quadratic Classifier structure.
grgGeneral Random Guessing model
grtMeansObtain means of two multivariate normal populations...
grt-packageGeneral Recognition Theory
grtrnormSample from multiple multivariate normal distributions
ldbLinear Decision Bound
ldb.p.correctProbability of correct classification based on the optimal...
lines.gqcStructlines Method for class 'gqc'
logLik.glcLog-Likelihood of a 'glc' or 'gcjc' Object
logLik.glcStructLog-Likelihood of a 'glcStruct' or 'gcjcStruct' Object
logLik.gqcLog-Likelihood of a 'gqc' Object
logLik.gqcStructLog-Likelihood of a 'gqcStruct' Object
mcovsCalculate sample means and covariance(s) of multivariate data
new2old_parConvert 'new' to 'old' glcStruct format
old2new_parConvert 'old' to 'new' glcStruct format
plot3d.glcplot3d Method for Class 'glc'
plot3d.gqcplot3d Method for Class 'gqc'
plot.gcjcPlot Method for Class 'gcjc'
plot.glcPlot Method for Class 'glc'
plot.gqcplot Method for Class 'gqc'
predict.glcpredict method for General Linear Classifier
qdbQuadratic Decision Bound
qdb.p.correctthe proportion correct of the quadratic decision boundary.
scale.glcScale method for the class 'glc' and 'gqc'
subjdemo_1dSample dataset of a categorization experiment with 1D...
subjdemo_2dSample dataset of a categorization experiment with 2D...
subjdemo_3dSample dataset of a categorization experiment with 3D...
subjdemo_cjSample dataset of a categorization experiment with 2D...
unscaleUn-scale or re-center the scaled or centered Matrix-like...
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