Man pages for matsukik/mrsat
Multiple Response Speed Accuracy Tradeoff

acpOptimization using an iterative hill-climbing algorithm
Auditory_demoA data from single subject undertaking auditory version of...
average.dprimeAverage dprime and lag of each bins
extractAIC.SATcurveextractAIC method for class 'SATcurve'
fit.SATcurvefit SAT curves
get.binsGet bins
get.dprimeget dprime
get.paramget a data frame of starting values and bounds for fitting...
logLik.SATcurveLog-Likelihood of a 'SATcurve' Object
mrsat-packageMultiple Response Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff (MR-SAT).
opt.binsFind the optimal way to bin the response times.
plot.mrsat.dataPlot the dprimes obtained using 'get.dprime'
plot.SATcurvePlot methods for the object of class 'SATcurve'
read.datRead .dat files for a MR-SAT experiment
read.edat.txtRead a text file exported from E-prime data file.
read.paramRead a parameter file
SATsummary.listsummarize a list of SATcurve objects
summary.SATcurveSummarize SATcurve object
vareqA function to return expected values of an SAT curve
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