Man pages for matt-s-gibbs/swtools
Commonly used tools for DEW Hydrologists

helloHello, World!
SILOCumulativeDeviationPlot the cumulative deviation from the mean for each silo...
SILODoubleMassPlot double mass curves of each rainfall site against each...
SILODownloadDownload SILO data
SILOImportImport a SILO file
SILOLoadImport multiple SILO files
SILOMapPlot a map of the SILO station locations
SILOMonthlyRainfallPlot a boxplot of monthly rainfall with mean monthly...
SILOQualityCodesPlot the quality codes of the SILO rainfall data
SILOReportWrite SILO data report to word document
SILOSiteSummaryProduce a table summarising SILO sites
SILOWriteforSourceWrite a csv file that can be loaded into a model, e.g. Source
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