Man pages for mattdneal/GPLVM
Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models

fit.AFit function coefficients for target latent variable values.
fit.bcgplvmFit a back-constrained GPLVM model
fit.bcgplvm.sequentialFit a backconstrained GPLVM model sequentially
fit.bcsgplvmFit a backconstrained structured GPLVM model
fit.gplvmFit an unconstrained GPLVM model
fit.lsa_bcsgplvmFit a large scale approximation back constrained structured...
generate.structured.datasetGenerate structured synthetic data
noisyComparisonCompare BCGPLVM to BCSGPLVM
predict.LSA_BCSGPLVMPredict data for an LSA_BCSGPLVM model
replay.plotsReplay the plots from fitting an LSA_BCSGPLVM model
sample.from.modelSample from a structured GPLVM model
select.bc.l.centileSelect a lengthscale for constrained optimization by...
select.bc.l.medianSelect a lengthscale for constrained optimization by median
select.bc.l.minmaxSelect a lengthscale for constrained optimization by min and...
sparse.gplvmSparse GPLVM
structured.gplvm.fixedCFit a structured GPLVM model with fixed structure covariance
structured.kernel.MatrixStructured data kernel
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