Man pages for mattgarber4/myUtils
Various Functions

capitalizeCapitalize a Character Vector
collapseWSCollapse all white space blocks into a single space
color-paletteColor Palette
facToNumCoerse Factor to Numeric
findLastWordFind the Last Word of Each String
grapes-not-in-grapesOpposite of in
myBindRecursive Non-Complaining Bind Functions
newRemDrOpen a New Remote Browser
nwordsfunDetermine the number of words in a given string
read.csv3Read Data in with Empty Cells to Empty Strings
refClassMapA 2D map from 2D input to any output class. Note that keys...
replaceCurliesFix annoying encoding issues
setEnvVarsFromFileSets environment variables from a file
tupleGenGenerate Tuples from Given Set
uniqueIDUnique ID
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