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Cholera Case Data from Denmark mid-1800s

aalborg_1850_censusAalborg 1850 census: age & gender of every individual
aalborg_1855_censusAalborg 1855 census: age & gender of every individual
aalborg_age_genderCholera in Aalborg by age and gender
all_cause_1852_1854Copenhagen mortality due to diarrhea, cholera and all-cause...
broad_stDaily mortality counts in the London Broad Street outbreak
case_recordsCholera case records Denmark, 1853.
cholera_daily_dataDaily incidence of cholera, 19th century Denmark.
CholeraDataDKDatasets on cholera outbreaks in 19th century Denmark.
cph_age_pop1853_rawCopenhagen population by age group 1853
cph_age_sick_dead_rawCopenhagen morbidity and mortality numbers from cholera, 1853
CPH_allcauseCopenhagen mortality by age group 1853
cph_citywide_dataDaily cholera data at the city-level in Copenhagen, 1853.
cph_hosp_stay_dataHospital cholera admissions and release data in CPH, 1853
cph_quarter_dataCholera cases by week by quarter - Copenhagen 1853.
cph_street_dataCholera cases by week by street - Copenhagen 1853.
dk_cities_allcauseCopenhagen population by age group 1853
dk_populationPopulation at the town level for selected Danish towns
korsoer_age_genderCholera in Kors<c3><b8>r by age and gender
korsoer_age_gender_popPopulation in Korsoer by age and gender
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