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Communication Content and Network Structure

author_attributesDepartment Manager Email dataset - Author Attributes
ccasInfer Communication Content and Structure
color_word_tableA function to generate LaTeX output from a dataframe...
ComNet_dataDepartment Manager Email dataset - ComNet object
document_edge_matrixDepartment Manager Email dataset - Document Edge Matrix
document_word_matrixDepartment Manager Email dataset - Document Word Matrix
generate_outputGenerate Interpretable Output from a CCAS object.
GiR_PP_PlotsMake Nice GiR PP-Plots
Model_OutputDepartment Manager Email dataset - Example output from the...
order_by_countsA function to generate an ordered word count dataframe from a...
plot_interaction_pattern_log_likelihoodTrace plot of interaction pattern model log likelihood
plot_interaction_pattern_networkPlot interaction-pattern sepcific sub-networks
plot_interaction_pattern_parameter_estimatesPlot interaction-pattern sepcific coefficients.
plot_parameter_estimatesPlot interaction-pattern sepcific sub-networks
plot_topic_model_log_likelihoodTrace plot of topic model log likelihood
prepare_dataPrepare communication network data for analysis.
SpeedReaderCCAS: A Model for Communication Network Content and Structure
test_internal_functionsTest C++ functions
top_wordsGenerate Topic top words
unlist_and_concatenateA function to unlist and concatenate a subset of a...
vocabularyDepartment Manager Email dataset - Vocabulary
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