Man pages for matthewkling/ecoclim
Tools for common EcoClim data operations

axesAdd reference lines to a ggplot
biovariablesCalculate the 19 bioclimatic variables.
boundaryCropWrapper around loading and clipping by a shapefile.
capFirstCapitalize first letter of a string.
clearTempFilesDelete unused raster temp files
clpClip a raster.
contourLevelDensity level for a percentage contour
convertRasterConvert raster files
cwBuild a colorwheel object
cwdataGenerate circular legend data.
cwscalesScales for colorwheel legend
ebggplot2's element_blank().
euclidEuclidian distance
flakeAdjust coordinates for small multiples plotting.
frameRastersCreate a data frame from raster files
loadShapefileLoad a shapefile.
logit2propConvert logit to proportion
motleyStackStack rasters with differing extents.
pairsDataGenerate data for pairwise scatterplot matrix.
parseMetadataParse factors found in filenames or strings.
partitionRasterSplit a Raster* object into strips.
polarizeCircular data transformation.
pwdSamplePAInverted pwdSample for presence-absence data.
siftSubsetting by loop iterators.
stackBandsStack up a single band from each of several multiband files.
stackMatrixTurn a data matrix into a raster stack.
translateTranslate common climate data abbreviations.
trimFastFaster version of raster::trim.
updateEcoclimUpdate the ecoclim package
whitenessWhite panel
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