Man pages for mattsigal/SimDisplay
Visualization and Exploration of Monte Carlo simulation study data

Brown1974Brown and Forsythe 1974 Simulation Results
convertDfConvert to SimDesign Object
Hallgren2013Hallgren 2013 Simulation Results
install_suggestsCheck for and install supplementary packages
roundSimRounding values for presentation
shinyMCSSGenerate a basic interactive applet for a SimDesign dataset
SimAnovaMVDecomposing multivariate simulation results into ANOVA-based...
SimDisplay-packageSimDisplay - Methods for visualizing complex tables.
simplifyDfSimplify SimDesign dataframe
simTableEmphasize cells from simulation results
simTableplotGenerate a tableplot.
sparklineGenerate sparkline graphic
summary.SimDesignSummary method for SimDesign objects
tableShadeGenerate a shaded table.
tsimresultsSample Simulation Results
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