Man pages for mauriziopaul/treatmentResponseDiallel
Package For the Analysis of Treatment-Response Phenotypes in the Influenza Diallel Project

averageMipsaverageMips: Average the MIP values
batched.plotterbatched.plotter: Make batched dot plots
batch.plotter.wrapperbatch.plotter.wrapper: Make dot plots by batch Make dot plots by batch
col.switchcol.switch: Convert CC names to colors
csv.makercsv.maker: Save analysis to csv
dot.plotterdot.plotter: Make dot plots indicating treated and control...
FluDiDataPhenotypes from Influenza (Flu) Diallel
hpd.plotterhpd.plotter: Make HPD plots
imputeMissingimputeMissing: Impute missing phenotypes/covariates
inner.plotterinner.plotter: Generate plots for each rep
make.matchesmake.matches: make matches
makeRotationMatrixmakeRotationMatrix: Make a rotation matrix
mcmc.stack.and.burnmcmc.stack.and.burn: Stack MCMC chains, after burning each
Mx1HaploClassMx1HaploClass: Convert CC founder strain letter to Mx...
plotBatchEffectsplotBatchEffects: Plot batch effects across timecourse
plotMipsplotMips: Plot the MIPs
plotMipsOverMIMPsplotMipsOverMimps: Plot MIPs over reps.
plotVarpsplotVarps: Plot the variance projections
poe.analyzerpoe.analyzer: Generate plots of POE
removeDotsremoveDots: remove dots, underscores from a string run tRD analysis.
SARSDiDataPhenotypes from SARS Diallel
simplify.labelssimplify.labels: Convert labels
stackMatchRepsstackMatchReps: Combine results across replicates
sub.labelssub.labels: Replace labels with just the strain information
treatmentResponseDialleltreatmentResponseDiallel: A package for analysis of...
var.translatevar.translate: translate variable names
var.translate.glmmvar.translate.glmm: translate variable names from...
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